Rilasciata la prima beta di µTorrent 1.8 (build 8912)

Luca Marino (Lukychan)
17 Marzo 2008
13 commenti

Qualche mesetto fa, vi abbiamo proposto un articolo che riguardava piccoli trucchetti nel contesto “torrent”, tra questi, vi citavamo anche µTorrent, tema principale di questo post.

Ecco rilasciata finalmente, un’ importante release beta di questo client torrent più utilizzato dagli utenti Internet: µTorrent.

La versione è la 1.8 beta (build 8912). Gli utenti l’hanno potuta “testare” a partire dal 10 marzo di quest’ anno.

La prima beta che è stata, appunto, rilasciata dopo circa 10 alpha della stessa versione del programma (1.8).

Vediamo insieme la cronologia esatta, riportata dal post del forum ufficiale di µTorrent:

— 2008-03-10: Version 1.8 beta (build 8912)

— 2008-03-10: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8912)
– Fix: crash when stopping an in-progress hash-check

— 2008-03-10: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8907)
– Change: more strict fast resume for compact allocation
– Fix: pieces in some files would be ignored on fast resume if any file needed rechecking

— 2008-03-07: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8891)
– Feature: seed to peer ratio column
– Change: remove one hour cap on interval and min_interval
– Fix: re-hash after hash failure would sometimes be incorrect

— 2008-03-06: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8872)
– Fix: more connection parse errors

— 2008-03-05: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8855)
– Fix: encrypted connection parse error
– Fix: rare crash with metadata requests

— 2008-03-04: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8852)
– Feature: add queue.slow_dl/ul_threshold advanced options
– Change: Right align search button popup menu to search button to match Windows (Internet) Explorer
– Change: preallocate diskspace now overrides bt.compact_allocation
– Change: unchoke local peers when not rate limited
– Change: last active column no longer counts sends while downloading
– Change: prevent skipping files when compact allocation is on, and prevent enabling compact allocation when files are skipped
– Change: do not use bt.compact_allocation by default on Vista, since files can not be skipped
– Fix: allow Update Feed on All Feeds
– Fix: Ignore last preference and overview tab from previous versions; fixes a crash when downgrading
– Fix: hash check on compact allocation would not drop pieces that are lost
– Fix: hash check on compact allocation would never find the last piece
– Fix: smart hashecheck would get incorrect hashes on pieces that span file boundaries
– Fix: Crash when redirecting multiple files at once

— 2008-02-24: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8682)
– Fix: crash when right-clicking category view

— 2008-02-23: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8680)
– Feature: support ‘failure reason’ in scrape response
– Feature: optional piece progress bar
– Change: (yet another) new installation dialog
– Change: More informative error message for misc. autoupdate errors
– Change: Return to 1.7-style RSS errors
– Change: remove 1000 files warning in create torrent
– Change: Turn off sparse files and turn on compact allocation by default on Vista, because it has a terrible bug
– Change: do not enable a feed when Update Feed is selected
– Change: send rejects to FAST extension peers that request the same piece again before it’s sent
– Change: grey out Update Feed when feed is disabled
– Change: change Toggle Feed to Enable/Disable Feed
– Change: update free space on focus change in create torrent
– Change: some RSS speed optimizations for large history and feed item counts
– Fix: Tab order issues in Add Feed dialog
– Fix: magnet URI download directory is now default download directoy
– Fix: Display of “&” characters in title of folder browsing dialog on Windows versions less then Vista, and give Vista version a title
– Fix: Preferences tab order
– Fix: Longstanding bug where dialogs that inside tab controls did not have the proper background when using XP themes
– Fix: Issue where it would stay as admin user after autoupdating through a normal user
– Fix: element not found and 99% cpu bug with partfiles
– Fix: piece picker bug that would cause it to start more equally rare pieces than needed
– Fix: key sort order with extension handshake
– Fix: download bar toggle
– Fix: external IP detection with NAT-PMP and non-conforming routers (like the Airport Extreme…)
– Fix: rare “invalid packet length” bug with encrypted connections
– Fix: Feed names not displaying unicode characters properly in category view
– Fix: Element Not Found when using partfiles with compact allocation

— 2008-01-28: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8205)
– Change: Return to old font size for listview progress bars
– Fix: Do not select a listview column if an option is not chosen from the column context menu
– Fix: update timeouts with trackers
– Fix: a few crash bugs

— 2008-01-26: Version 1.8 alpha (build 8188)
– Change: Removed the two pixel gap on both sides of the main toolbar
– Change: Add properties to torrent category menu
– Change: Give delete torrent confirmation dialog “always show this dialog”-style functionality
– Change: Give search button a style more conformant to the Vista UI guidelines if available
– Change: Make delete torrent button look pressed while its menu is up
– Change: make Search and Remove buttons consistant with IE7 search button behaviour
– Change: removed 10 pixel gap on the right side of the searchbox
– Change: Alternate listview background color to be roughly the same color as the selected column, rather then a constant gray
– Change: Increase maximum waiting time from five seconds to one minute for UAC subprocess when installing on Vista
– Change: Add confirm deletion of trackers option to UI Settings
– Change: Show graphical progress bar option is now in advanced settings
– Change: Delete key now deletes trackers in the trackers tab
– Change: Remove label setting from torrent properties dialog
– Change: Note that port 0 in the speed guide is a signal for uTorrent itself to choose the port
– Change: Make about dialog non-modal
– Change: Change text of a few updater-related checkboxes in preferences to be more specific about what they effect
– Change: Always show the selection in the tracker and file listviews, even if they don’t have focus
– Change: Move items in add torrent dialog listview left a bit if there are no directories in the torrent
– Change: Max Up and Max Down have been renamed to Up Limit and Down Limit
– Fix: Some cases of controls, such as listviews, not properly updating on Windows theme change
– Fix: potential remote crash exploit
– Fix: Opening dialog on Windows 95
– Fix: Modal dialogs now correctly disable and return focus to the window they were launched from, not the main window
– Fix: Various tiny memory leaks
– Fix: Leaking of memory when closing non-modal dialogs (existed in both 1.6 and 1.7)
– Fix: corrupted URL/messsage in Add Torrent by URL dialog
– Fix: incorrect column highlighting after hiding/showing columns
– Fix: disable webui relative path parsing

— 2008-01-18: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7928)
– Change: If the torrent’s label was changed in torrent properties form the add torrent dialog, reflect it in the add torrent dialog
– Change: Advanced setting to disable WINE hacks if need be (program restart required)
– Change: A boatload of GUI hacks for WINE, including disabling listview flicker workarounds, a multitude of ugly hacks to make the addtorrent dialog usable on it, and disabling the messagebox subclassing (which means no checkbox or controls in them)
– Change: use “client” instead of “enterpriseclient” for Teredo setup
– Fix: “Wierdly colored selection border” in add torrent dialog
– Fix: WINE DNS problems (WINE bug in GetBestInterface)
– Fix: possible negative “downloaded=” numbers
– Fix: port not saving in Installation dialog

— 2008-01-17: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7895)
– Change: Added link to forums on system tray icon
– Change: Add context menu for bandwidth allocation column in torrents listview
– Change: Close firewall entry of installing exe
– Change: Continue installing settings if installing to same path of exe
– Change: Add another hidden column to the files tab, “Name”, that contains the original name of the individual file
– Fix: Saving of retargetted files relative to the torrent’s download directory
– Fix: remote crash bug (affects all 1.6.x, 1.7.x, and 1.8 builds released to date)

— 2008-01-15: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7834)
– Change: do not display remaining bytes if 0
– Fix: Pressing the associate buttons in the preferences window would get .torrent and .btsearch extensions mixed up in web browsers
– Fix: UPnP would unmap after 20 minutes instead of re-mapping
– Fix: Wrong path put in run in startup entry when installing

— 2008-01-12: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7795)
– Change: disable RSS query information button when no feed is selected
– Fix: Crash in some cases with HTTP seeds
– Fix: Speed guide always using default port in the installation dialog
– Fix: Installation dialog showing up in some cases where it should not
– Fix: “None” string in Vista firewall entry

— 2008-01-12: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7785)
– Fix: crash on Win98 when making a temp file
– Fix: Crash when showing speed guide by itself

— 2008-01-11: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7777)
– Feature: Add Tracker and Use DHT menu items in tracker tab context menu
– Feature: Setup Windows Firewall option in installer (prompts for elevation on Vista, assumes admin access on XP)
– Change: Swap seeds with peers in transfer tab
– Change: When retargeted files in torrents, make the paths relative after retarget if possible
– Change: Combine path and name columns in files tab
– Change: Make scheduler descriptions more descriptive and really clear left-behind text
– Change: skip udp:// urls in tracker rotation
– Change: grey out IPv6/Teredo option if installed or on platforms that do not support it
– Change: do not try (and fail) to open firewall on platforms that do not support it
– Change: parse https:// urls in Tracker column
– Change: auto WebUI installation on enable. Installation option on /gui/index.html when not installed
– Fix: More font size issues on Vista
– Fix: HTTP 400s from trackers / RSS feeds when running NOD32 IMON
– Fix: rare crash with DNS
– Fix: rare GetExternalIP failure
– Fix: more firewall entry removal, entry for previously installed version
– Fix: progress bar size and placement when it was the first enabled column
– Fix: DHT Update Tracker menu item
– Fix: crash with partitions of different sector alignments
– Fix: do not allow IPv6 installation on networks with DNS that do not support AAAA lookups
– Fix: Teredo installation timeout bug: “result was: []”
– Fix: false Teredo installation failure on non-english platforms
– Fix: shortcut and file association problems when not moving or copying exe during install

— 2008-01-09: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7676)
– Feature: tracker tab context menu now operates on all selected items
– Fix: remove leftover firewall entry on install

— 2008-01-08: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7671)
– Feature: Remove Tracker confirmation dialog
– Fix: Hanging when pressing some buttons in preferences
– Fix: broken Logger tab context menu

— 2008-01-08: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7660)
– Feature: add logger option for WebUI messages
– Change: return Category Status items to Filter behavior. “All”, Labels, and RSS Feeds are still Containers
– Change: make opening dialog wider to remove whitespace
– Fix: recheck UPnP port mappings every 20 minutes even with the XP API
– Fix: rare deadlock with some systems
– Fix: prevent “No Disk” message boxes with missing media
– Fix: elusive “The parameter is incorrect” and “The data is invalid” errors on Win98 (old partfiles with this error are corrupt, sorry)
– Fix: tray icon removal on Vista
– Fix: Font size on Vista with all DPIs
– Fix: Bug where RSS items were being downloaded to settings directory if no filter path is set

— 2008-01-06: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7593)
– Feature: Interval and Min Interval (non-default) columns for Trackers tab

– Feature: context menu for Trackers tab
– Feature: “Selected Size” column for main listctrl – displays total size – skipped size
– Change: Reworked preferences dialog
– Change: New opening dialog/wizard with speed guide/setup combination
– Change: peer id parsing for (lol) LimeWire
– Change: Remove a previous fix for custom taskbar/title icons, as it make some existing ones choose the wrong format
– Change: If a default download directory is chosen, torrents automatically added from the autoload directory will never pop up the add torrent dialog
– Change: An error is now shown if there is a autoload directory, a custom torrent storage directory is not chosen, and the autoload directory matches the settings directory
– Change: use CONNECT for peer connections through HTTP style proxies
– Change: “Seeding only”/pink scheduler mode, available before when shift was held down, is now part of the normal scheduler click rotation
– Change: In places where the infinity symbol was printed, nothing is printed
– Fix: reverse DNS resolution with old-style tracker responses
– Fix: search string corruption on Win98
– Fix: resolve host to report to tracker before any tracker requests
– Fix: CONNECT requests to “HTTPS” style proxies (peer connections now work)
– Fix: communication with trackers that only parse the first TCP packet (fix your trackers please!)
– Fix: trackers stuck in “updating…” if UPnP was enabled but not functioning
– Fix: negative “Remaining” value if files are skipped after they are completed
– Fix: When a second instance is started while uTorrent is shutting down, it will now wait for the first instance to finish then continue, rather then silently quitting

— 2008-01-03: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7491)
– Feature: add Copy to the Logger tab context menu
– Change: only use “B” for sizes, not rates
– Fix: IPv6 resolution for DNS names
– Fix: intermittent DNS failures
– Fix: stall in (un)choker at startup
– Fix: crash with large numbers of sockets
– Fix: string corruption on Win98

— 2008-01-01: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7435)
– Feature: options to bypass Windows disk cache
– Change: flush write jobs if downloading is complete
– Change: remove bundled sorts in “#”, “eta” and “completed on”. use second-sort instead
– Change: Add some elipses to a couple context menu options in the main window (Add Torrent, Add RSS Feed) for consistency
– Fix: delete files normally if delete to trash fails
– Fix: stalls and invalid requests with HTTP seeds
– Fix: load torrents with incorrect relative paths from previous alphas
– Fix: do not look for torrent on the network if .torrent file dissappears
– Fix: crash bug loading torrent state when .torrent is missing and file target was set previously
– Fix: wrong .torrent file name was saved if .torrent was loaded from torrent storage directory

— 2007-12-30: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7398)
– Change: better error when file exceeds filesystem size limit
– Fix: “” sometimes appearing in download limit in the transfer tab
– Fix: Logging options if “Log Traffic to Logger Tab” is chosen from the peers tab menu
– Fix: rare crash with hashfails
– Fix: season column showing episode for torrent items

— 2007-12-24: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7364)
– Feature: Users can now be more precise in the log options they want to display
– Change: When moving .torrent files to the completed torrent folder, uTorrent now will replace existing torrent files with the same name in the folder and create folders up to the completed folder if necessary (same behavior as when moving to the original torrent storage folder)
– Change: When enabling teredo at installation, hide the background netsh process window
– Fix: Speed graph dotted lines on Win9x
– Fix: Speed graph left legend alignment on Win9x
– Fix: Handling of relative paths when moving torrent file to completed folder
– Fix: persist current initial-seed piece in settings

— 2007-12-17: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7237)
– Feature: setup Teredo automatically (requires IPv6)
– Feature: automatic unchoke intervals based on piece size
– Fix: Support relative paths in torrent storage location and other user entered paths
– Fix: Installation of shortcuts and various other issues

— 2007-12-17: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7135)
– Feature: skip hashchecking sparse sections of sparse files (greatly improves check speed)
– Change: With custom main.ico files, uTorrent now explicitly loads the system menu-sized icon (fixing some alt-tab and other oversizing issues that have existed since at least 1.6)
– Change: Help menu option now downloads directly from website and obtains the help file form the zip file
– Change: Display infinity for up/download limits in transfer tab if there is none set for them
– Fix: Enabling of shutdown privileges so that autoshutdown works

— 2007-12-17: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7118)
– Change: “#” sorts by “completed on” for seeding torrents
– Change: “eta” sorts by “completed on” for seeding torrents (and “completed on” sorts by “eta” for download torrents)
– Change: Layout of “Save in:” column in RSS filter tab to match others with “…” buttons
– Fix: crash bug with relevance column and metadata mode
– Fix: directories left behind by Delete + Data to trash
– Fix: prio_first_last_piece would overlap adjacent files more than needed
– Fix: ETA miscalc with bottlenecked torrents
– Fix: Font scaling on vista with non-default DPI
– Fix: Tab order of advanced tab in torrent properties

— 2007-12-13: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7041)
– Fix: Add Torrent dialogs on Win9x/NT

— 2007-12-12: Version 1.8 alpha (build 7022)
– Feature: better Windows Firewall registration on Vista
– Change: move IpFilter and RangeBlock blocked messages to Peer Traffic
– Change: webui now looks for on each request
– Fix: crash when deleting multiple RSS feeds
– Fix: crash with very large numbers of outstanding disk IO jobs
– Fix: minor titlebar and torrent list transfer rate mismatch

— 2007-12-04: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6838)
– Change: friendly name logging in UPnP verbose log
– Change: prevent delete to trash from locking up transfers
– Fix: Showing of add feed dialog on Vista
– Fix: more GDI leaks

— 2007-12-04: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6806)
– Change: default to “All” category on startup if none selected
– Fix: Some blank dialogs on Windows 9x
– Fix: Some dialogs on Vista that didn’t use the native font
– Fix: some GDI leaks
– Fix: upnp never stopped updating if it was disabled (prevented tracker updates)

— 2007-12-03: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6799)
– Change: Add support for more 4095 characters in edit controls and other windows
– Change: Make category selections a union
– Change: persist current initial-seed piece in settings
– Fix: It will run on Windows 9x again
– Fix: Cancelling an in-place edit in the main listview no longer accepts that value on Windows 9x
– Fix: Some blocks appearing in some scheduler day/time strings in the preferences dialog
– Fix: incorrect selected_cats length in settings
– Fix: adding blank url-list to .torrent on generation
– Fix: “&corrupt=” instead of “&corrupted=”
– Fix: UPnP unmap issue, existant mapping with XP API
– Fix: seed-only mode in scheduler (https seeds were not stopping)

— 2007-12-01: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6723)
– Feature: Improved ETA algorithm
– Feature: report “&corrupted=X” to the tracker (hashfail byte count, deltas same as downloaded= and uploaded=)
– Feature: All Feeds category
– Change: Only use 3-state checkboxes in torrent properties for torrent combinations with a mixed state
– Change: The LSD option is now completely per-torrent and is no longer global as well
– Change: move IpFilter and RangeBlock blocked messages to Verbose
– Change: Parts of the general and transfer tab can now be scrolled
– Change: Put a separator after the create torrent button
– Fix: crashbug with prio_first_last_piece and some torrents
– Fix: more accurate check for existant UPnP mapping
– Fix: close files during hash check
– Fix: disable the web seeds edit control while the create torrent dialog is busy
– Fix: display correct font in download bar so that infinity symbol shows
– Fix: Crash in add torrent dialog when unexpanding certain items
– Fix: hashfail with part file
– Fix: Last Active sorting

— 2007-11-21: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6415)
– Change: add resource version info properly, so Explorer tooltip works
– Change: turn banned dlls in to vebose log messages and notes on the crashdump dialog
– Change: Local peer discovery can now be controlled per-torrent through torrent properties
– Change: Various changes to file retargetting feature based on user feedback
– Change: Various changes to transfer tab text layout based on user feedback
– Change: Added ability to autosize first column in the new add torrent listview by double-clicking the header divider
– Change: Hide path column by default for now in add torrent listview
– Change: The add torrent listview now remembers the column state (which columns are visible etc.)
– Fix: crash bugs in selecting RSS feed from category view, and sorting RSS items
– Fix: some minor memory leaks/size issues
– Fix: remove noisy logging
– Fix: crash bug with SOCKS5 proxies, and a problem with SOCKS4 proxies not connecting
– Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory
– Fix: minor DHT improvement, prevents early termination of queries
– Fix: Loading of torrents from certain directories (alpha-specific)
– Fix: Total size refereshing in add torrent dialog when path is changed (alpha-specific)
– Fix: Correct initial values of second tab of the torrent properties dialog (alpha-specific)
– Fix: Various issues of reloading HTTP seeds when changed from torrent properties
– Fix: HTTP seeds of torrents editing through torrent properties is now remembered between sessions
– Fix: Loading of single file torrents from custom-set complete directory (very old bug, existed back to 1.6 and possibly before then)
– Fix: Fix a bug where the value in the filename box would get appended to the folder name in the new vista open dialog
– Fix: allow WebUI port and BT port to be the same without error (same as not setting the WebUI port)

— 2007-11-15: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6171)
– Change: Adding trackers via RSS autodownload does not override original label
– Change: Help option in Help menu now downloads and displays utorrent .chm manual instead of launching online FAQ
– Fix: extremely rare and extremely old crash bug with timing out disk jobs

— 2007-11-13: Version 1.8 alpha (build 6104)
– Feature: Support for file:// URLs
– Feature: Use RSS feed title as alias if available
– Feature: Last Active column
– Feature: Use RSS feed TTL value if available
– Feature: RSS title parsing available for all torrents in main window
– Feature: Codec parsing from title
– Feature: Smart episode filter will download repack for most recent episode with rss.smart_repack_filter
– Feature: More support for http web seeds including support for torrents with multiple files, torrent creation with web seeds, and changing web seeds on the fly via torrent properties
– Feature: Elapsed time column
– Feature: Program start time in statistics window
– Feature: Improved hashfail banning system (special thanks to the Azureus devs for describing their method)
– Feature: Faster resume after a crash (does not re-check finished or flushed files)
– Feature: Support FAST extensions
– Feature: Basic auto-download setup available while adding RSS feeds
– Feature: Metadata extension
– Feature: Support %s (search term) and %v (version identifier) in search engine list
– Feature: Support .btsearch files to add to search engine list
– Feature: support for relative paths with .torrent files
– Feature: Improved uTorrent UPnP mechanism. Should map correctly on routers that only send NOTIFY packets, uses XP API where functional, and maps UDP port now too
– Change: User-Agent for web usage is now “BTWebClient/” plus uT version
– Change: Added a tracker and transfers tab to help spread out the information a bit
– Change: uTorrent now fetches paths using shfolder.dll so that it can get the correct APPDATA path for Windows 95. If you are on a similar system you will need to download shfolder.dll from Microsoft if you do not have a later version of Internet Explorer installed.
– Change: Change addtorrent dialog treeview into a listview so it can be sorted + have a selection rectangle et al.
– Change: uTorrent now uses the user’s download folder on Vista by default, rather than the custom %HOMEPATH%\Downloads
– Change: utorrent.exe now has version, company, and product metadata
– Change: prio_first_last_piece now prioritizes first and last megabyte of file instead of only the piece on the edge
– Change: diskio.sparse_files is now enabled by default
– Change: RSS feeds listed in category view, items in main window
– Change: Removed now-redundant feeds and releases tabs from RSS Downloader window
– Change: RSS button on toolbar now brings up Add Feed dialog
– Change: rss.filters_use_default_dir determines if default download folder is used for filter matches when filter or settings do not specify a download path
– Change: do not use adapter subnets to detect local peers. seems to result in many false-positives
– Change: Add torrent uses .torrent storage path as default search path
– Change: allow a manual reannounce every max(60 seconds, min_interval) where min_interval is from the tracker
– Change: remove non-US supporting site from search list
– Change: queue RSS feed updates
– Change: “;” no longer separates skip files in Create Torrent since it is a valid filename character in Windows
– Change: no more blank white screen when the WebUI is not installed, instead an informative message and a link (also 404s for other resource requests)
– Fix: Implement ability to change trackers for a torrent from webui
– Fix: When creating a .torrent file, all files are now sorted regardless of file system
– Fix: Logic error where it would not copy the .torrent to the storage path if only part of the path was matched
– Fix: Bug where BT backend didn’t take into account alt .torrent storage path
– Fix: “&” characters in label names within the main download list context menu no longer become accelerators and display normally
– Fix: Last line of ipfilter.dat is loaded if it does not end with a carriage return
– Fix: Close file handles during hashchecking, instead of all at the end
– Fix: Properly open RSS releases with quotes in title
– Fix: Fixed several cases where UPnP would not unmap the portmapping on exit
– Fix: when a modal dialog is active other windows that are not its parent can recieve input

Come potete vedere, le principali funzioni e i più importanti bug, sono stati aggiunti e fixati rispettivamente, nelle ultime release alpha, prima della beta.

Insomma, aspettiamo con ansia il rilascio ufficiale della versione finale!

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  • #1Stiv

    Lo uso da anni e’ il migliore !

    …sinceramente il mulo non piace.

    Speriamo che in questa release sia di default i download scaricati e quelli da

    scaricare in 2 directory diverse e una funzione cerca file nella GUI del prog.

    Io uso Mozilla in abbinata con il motore di ricerca “Torrent Finder” e va alla

    grande ! !

    17 Mar 2008, 7:14 pm Rispondi|Quota
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